Information Technology
GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac™
With the latest technology from GoPro, we are able to sufficiently and easily manage our live streams to make the whole experience worth it to you. This allows us to not only stream your events live in real HD, but also give us the opportunity to cover more space at big events, ultimately giving you an even better experience!
Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server™
With the right software provided by Adobe™ we can deliver your content in multiple formats and to multiple devices, including iPhones nad iPads™. Never worry about your viewers not being able to see your live streams provided by us.
Telia™ Turbo 3G & 4G
Mobile internet allows us to stream your event whereever it takes place. With guaranteed stable and fast internet connection, you can feel safe knowing that your live stream will reach all of your viewers, no matter where the event takes place in the world.
Dedicated Servers
With our Content Distribution Network setup there are no limits when it comes to the distribtion of our live streams and media. You can always be sure that your viewers will be able to watch your content from anywhere in the world, with the highest quality possible.
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